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The National Breast Cancer Foundation FabOver 40 2022 Supporter LaVerta M. Young, RN: Nurse Chuckles

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hello all, did you know that 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with cancer if they live to the age of 70, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2022). This is why it is important for us all us, to live like we are already fighting cancer from The Inside Out, Mentally and Physically. Minimize stress whenever possible, eat with a purpose, as if your food were medicine...Because It Is😘. Unfortunately, it takes more than a medicinal diet and a carefree life to fight cancer. I believe spirituality plays a huge role in our mental health, and the coping mechanisms we employ in our daily lives; in addition, I believe it is important to support the enlightened men, women, and foundations who contribute to Cancer Research, such as St. Judes, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, CDC, etc.

Although, there are several risk factors we cannot change such as genetics, age, and at times our demographics, there are things we can do to train and prepare for The Fight...The Fight none of us wish to ever have to battle. While maintaining a healthy weight and healthy diet is one way to fight, it is often easier said than done. A low-fat diet, low salt, low sugar, and limited intake of nitrites/nitrates, accompanied by a higher intake of fruits, lean protein (limit red meat), and vegetables is suggested for cancer prevention. I'm sure we are all guilty of allowing our children to eat a Lunchable or other form of processed meat, but we should all avoid processed meat if possible. Of course, avoiding exposure to radiation or other hazardous chemicals that may increase your chances of developing cancer is idea, but it may not always be possible due to your line of work or other demographic challenges. Visit the following link to see what the CDC has to say about reducing our risk of cancer

Studies show that Aspirin can reduce the risk of colon cancer, and Vitamin D can reduce the risk of breast cancer. It is suggested to consume 600UI of vitamin D if you are between the ages of 1 and 70, and 400UI if you are the age of 1. Foods rich in Vitamin D and exposure to sunlight are two great ways to get the most out of Vitamin D, however, remember that exposure to the sun without proper protection can increase the risk of cancer. Visit the following American Cancer Society link to see a list of foods high in Vitamin D such as eggs, tuna, salmon, mushrooms Etc.

I am the owner of My Two Cents Community Help Services (, @nurse_chuckles2022 on IG, and I have worked as an ER/ICU Registered Nurse of 19.5 years and counting. I am currently looking for supporters in this National Breast Cancer Foundation Fab Over 40 Event. You are able to Vote For Free if you are unable to donate, but you are also able to Vote With A Donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Support 2 Birds, With 1 Vote🤭. Click The Following Link to Vote For Free or Donate

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