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QUORA RESPONSE TO: IF ONLY 25% of the population, died from Covid, why Lockdowns & Mandates?


🥰Hello COVID ICU RN, I will admit I do not support vaccination mandates but I am not an antivaxxer promoter either😎, not exactly for the same reasons as the individual who posed the question😏. I do support the use of masks increased hand hygiene (Soap Water & alcohol 70% or higher and oral hygiene (adding peroxide to the mouth wash), and better disinfecting practices for establishments. I am proud/ blessed to say I have remained COVID Free thus far, I am the only member of my family unvaccinated, and I did allow my at the time 14 and 17 year old to be vaccinated, as when I say ProChoice, I Mean It. I worried they may have a reaction, but I worried more about being “Too Smart For My Own Good”, and not protecting them if there was a chance to. They new I didn’t want them to get it at the time, but they both wanted it and I supported them🥰. I will also say every one has been sick (not COVID) a couple time since 2020, except for me…not even a cold or flu.

I began working as a COVID ICU Nurse 3/2020, in Panorama City, when we had nothing but Trash Bags To Dress In and Had To Utilize the Same N95 for days🤯. The number of losses daily was devastating, but not due to COVID alone…the patients had COVID, but many did not know Their Family Member was not going to get a Breathing Treatment if COVID Positive. Can you imagine having Pneumonia with no breathing treatment? Can you imagine being on dialysis for years, and not receiving your daily dialysis due being COVID POSITIVE OR to a shortage of dialysis nurses, or your physician won’t order emergency dialysis as, the numbers show the kidneys are beginning to fail (new onset)? Can you imagine getting COVID being an Asthmatic with COVID PNEUMONIA, and not getting breathing treatments… or receiving a shorter course of steroids because it may “weaken the immunity”😒? As an Asthmatic and a Seasoned Registered Nurse, the things I saw being done and not being done in the hospital setting at the height of COVID amazed me. Anyway, all that is a story for another day!

I believe in Darwinism, Natural Selection, and Survival of the fittest, but I also believe in the greatest good for the greatest numbers. I understand how some individuals feel or the point the person who wrote this question was trying to make, as inconsiderate as the question sounds for the lives that were lost🧐. However, considering the large amounts of deaths annually from Heart Disease or Cancer (, yet they still sell unmonitored amounts of liquor, cigarettes…hell even new cars, clothing, and hygiene products that contain chemicals known to cause cancer. Let’s not mention those affected by second hand smoke. How Many Need To Die😎. Make no mistake I partake in alcoholic beverages🥂🍷🍻🥃, and believe moderation is the key; furthermore, I shop at stores/ restaurants that have signs in the window that say the products are known to cause cancer🤯.

You don’t wait to put measures in play after a threat to livelihood has been determined, you must take action. The interesting thing is the lock downs didn’t come with enough education, as cashiers used the same gloves to handle everyone’s items, yet implement Social Distancing…it defeated the purpose a lil 😒. The sickening thing is many of the worlds COVID patients lost their lives due to poor medical management.

Ultimately, I remain prochoice, however, the lines become gray when others choices affect the person directly next to them. We don’t want to end up in a world like “Demolition Man” where someone is in control of procreation and interferes with Freedom of Speech…Oh wait we’re almost there🤣🤣🤣.

Long story short, lock downs & action is necessary to stop any threat. We don’t need to wait until we lose 50% of the population…and we don’t need to wait until 50% of the flights are hijacked. Now, see no such thing as a dumb question🤪hopefully this response and others on this thread will enlighten the individual and others……..We Can Only Hope😉🎤🎤.

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