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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

SALE😍It's Holiday Time! My Two Cents Community Help Services encourages individuals to build skills that allow individuals to work from home and/ or return to school. The idea is to have more time for school work, friends and family, and make money while you're sleeping if possible😎. The above design is a Chuckles original, and can be found in The Nurses-With-Hobbies Shop on Shopify. We offer a Free Membership @, which gets you 5% off of all services and retail purchased from either shop (Promo Code Upon Request. In addition, for every $50 or more spent you can receive $10 off by using the PROMO CODE: Hobby in the Nurses-With-Hobbies Shop.

In the Sister Act Program, we teach hands on skills-building that give individuals the knowledge needed to create their own unique designs, clothing line, gifts, or drop-shipping business. We are in deed a Nurse Agency, who has taken a different approach, providing a variety of low-cost services to aid in Health & Wellness, as well as empower individuals. Skill-building, other than nursing, can lead to healthy coping mechanisms, more time for individuals to study, and ultimately aid in managing mental and physical health. The items sold on these sites help to keep our Skilled Nursing cost, tutoring, and other services low.

The items in these two shops can be designed to your liking; in addition, you can email in any design, photo, or catch phrase to have it placed on an item. Do you have a cause you want to promote, or need something special made for your team, shop, or employees... buy in bulk for more savings! Interested in personalized cell phone cases, cups, and more? Visit these shops for your holiday gifts, and personalized items all year around.

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